The Fallen - The City of Charm - Dark Urban RP

A Recording From The Book of Demons 40 Years Before The War


City of Charm


For centuries, we remained chained in hell. But no longer, things have changed. Everything changed when the LIghtbringer found a way to escape our prison. And here we are on Earth, finally. Reinvigorated with a new found emotion never felt before. But history is written by the victors. God and his angels, leading the propaganda to sway the humans to believe we were the real evil. We were once allies with the Maker, watched his creation of earth come to existence. Humans soon after, and there he stood watching over them like a puppeteer. What kind of God would expect to have believers if he was not there to help them along? Assist them with a simple appearance? A weak God. 

The Lightbringer. God’s second of all the Angels stood against God. Tried to reason with him that we needed to be directly involved, to help these humans. The War in Heaven began and we fought. Lucifer’s own Angels versus God, with Gabriel leading the way. For thousands of years we fought for ourselves against God’s narrow sighted vision, and for those weak humans. Yet it led to our downfall, and soon after we Fallen were imprisoned, God and his angels took to their next goal. Convincing the humans that we were in fact the real evil. ‘Satan” the humans began to call the Lightbringer. But things have changed.

Now we prepare here on earth. Prepare for the next war. Prepare to reclaim Heaven. The humans will see for themselves who the real monster are. Have you ever seen a Angel? If not you soon shall. It will only be a matter of time when God arrives here on Earth, to battle once again against the Fallen. But this time we will be the victors. God will pay. And the humans? The fickle pests will know what it means to cross Lucifer. The once ally and now enemy.  

We’re here finally. Woe to those that cross us. Woe to those with hope. The rebirth is at hand.

                                              With Glory,

                                    Aym, Duke of Legions